Hello, I’m Simone.

I hold a Master of Arts in Fashion degree from Ryerson University and Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) from Queen's University. Over the past five years, I’ve built my career working as a copywriter for prominent retailers and publications in the Canadian fashion industry. At TheBay.com specifically, I’m routinely tasked to tailor persuasive and SEO-rich copy that speaks to online shoppers.

Currently based in Toronto, I was born and raised in Hamilton with familial roots extending to Jamaica. I always say that I’m at my best and most fulfilled through movement. Having studied ballet from my childhood to late teens, I’m now exploring Pilates, yoga, and weight lifting as an adult. I hope to deepen my understanding of these disciplines with teacher training in 2019.

I’m available for freelance copywriting services and creative projects.

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Simone is an excellent and valuable employee at HBC and was a dependable and cooperative colleague during our time at Ryerson University.

Her work ethic is second-to-none: She is a thorough and methodical worker, always seeing projects through to completion in her prudent and careful manner. She’s great at prioritizing, perseveres at her tasks and is entirely responsible and trustworthy.

As a teammate, Simone is a natural mentor and has a great deal of patience. She has a steady and calming influence on her colleagues, and they appreciate her collaborative focus. Simone is a fast learner, and I often rely on her to complete additional projects beyond her daily responsibilities.

Further, her innate creativity is an asset to any team, and she always takes pride in a job well done.
— Rebecca Holland, former manager and colleague